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  • uploaded March 1, 2016

During a manned mission to Mars, Astronaut Mark Watney is presumed dead after a fierce storm and left behind by his crew. But Watney has survived and finds himself stranded and alone on the hostile planet. With only meager supplies, he must draw upon his ingenuity, wit and spirit to subsist and find a way to signal to Earth that he is alive.

Location: وادي رم، Jordanien
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If you don't like it, don't watch it ;-)

March 24, 2016 02:23:06 PM UTC

Just another "I want to be in space film" ... ;-)

March 24, 2016 02:22:42 PM UTC

Thanks for uploading the trailer.

March 24, 2016 02:03:15 PM UTC

Lucky guy!!!

March 24, 2016 01:41:01 PM UTC

I was on vacation in Canada and won the tickets in a radio show.

March 24, 2016 01:40:50 PM UTC

Really? How did you get there???

March 24, 2016 01:39:43 PM UTC

I was at the world premier in Toronto 2015. Kate Mara was so hot lol

March 24, 2016 01:39:14 PM UTC

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